Digital Alterations

Photo editing, layouts for print, and other graphic work

Fix, enhance, change, erase, repair, alter, remove, restore, add, create, combine, design. Old and new pictures and documents.

Do you have a picture or document that needs some modification?

Send it, along with a description of the services needed, and I'll send you an invoice (starting at only $10 USD for a small change). For hard copies, you can send a picture of the item or a description. If you have a collection of items, please send one or two samples and a description of the collection.

I accept local arrangements as well as distant requests.

I accept all credits cards through PayPal (no account required), and I also make personal arrangements for local orders. If you're local to the Seattle area, contact me for further details.

Your film and negatives will be handled with care.

I've scanned thousands of my own family's precious slides and medium-format film, so I have the equipment and concern to ensure your irreplaceable documents are handled safely.


So... what'll it be?

Scan film to digital archive Restore faded colors Erase details or people
Add new contact information Fix a bad shot Design a document from notes



Restore damaged photos Make wallpaper tile seamlessly  



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