Litter box

Ferrets are easily trained to use a litter box. Since they almost exclusively back up into corners to do their business, the easiest way to train them is to place a box in every corner and put them in it if you catch them doing their business outside it.

The right kind of litter box is important. Ferrets need to be able to get all four feet inside the box, so it needs to be about 1 foot square. I've tried using corner boxes that are triangle-shaped... they don't like them! Also, the sides that are not against the wall should be no more than a couple inches tall. If the sides are too tall, fuzzies will just back up to the side and poop (outside the box). The back needs to be at least 6 inches tall to keep determined poopers from making it over the top.

It's important to keep the litter box cleaned. Some ferrets aren't picky, but most of mine have been very fussy about the number of poops present. If there's too much, they won't use the box.

The litter you use has an effect on how quickly the box gets dirty, and how much litter you go through. There are many kinds of litter, and most fuzzies will recognize all of them as poo material, as long as it's inside the box and there's poo residue on itor the box. (Some of my fuzzies will dig in the box if it isn't obviously a litter box.)

Here are the types of litter I'm aware of:

As I said, ferrets generally will NOT do their business on their bedding. This means if you have a corner you can't put a litter box in, you can put a blanket or bed there to deter would-be poopers.