My fuzzies

Shelter photo Name Story


Born 4--2002

Shelter ?

Adopted 5-11-06

Died 9-27-06 of Insulinoma

Petey and Cleo were adopted to a busy home with small children, and Mom just couldn't keep up with them. He loved to lie in cardboard boxes and play in pasta. Petey had insulinoma surgery in April 2006 and fought off its return for 5 wonderful months.


Born 2--02

Shelter ?

Adopted 5-11-06

Died 12-11-07 of intestinal tumors

Cleo was loved by a drug dealer whose home was raided by police. Her pelvis was broken when she was trampled. After several years in the shelter, she was adopted and then returned as above. After a year with us, she began to battle adrenal tumors, skin tumors, and intestinal tumors. Cleo loved tubes and cozy places to nap, and she had the most adorable mask face I've ever seen.


Born 5--2004

Shelter '06

Adopted 9-29-06

Died 8-16-10 of lymphoma

Elliot was brought to the shelter because his owner didn't want him anymore ;[ (Elliot climbed on the keyboard and added that face) His sweet demeanor and playfulness made him good friends with everyone. Elliot loved digging and cardboard boxes. His only ailment was repeated rotten teeth until 2010, when he lost his appetite and then suddenly left us - lymphoma is a silent killer.


Born 8--2006

Shelter 11-3-07

Adopted 2-16-08

Crash was kept in a cage all day and was kicked and smacked when out. He learned to bite hard and hide. He spent a long time in the shelter before coming home. Before his first night was over he had put a hole in S's arm and I went to the hospital for stitches. After over a year of coaxing, patience, and back scratches, he came out from under the furniture and has now become a sweet, incredibly intelligent boy. He loves cardboard boxes and peoples' hair.


Born 4--2007

Shelter 8-26-08

Adopted 10-5-08

Fairy lived with a student who quickly discovered that he could not care for her. She was brought to the shelter and soon came home. Fairy has filled her role as the little troublemaker, and she keeps everyone on their toes. Fairy likes to crawl through tubes, tousle in bubble wrap, and inspect pant legs! She is the most well-trained on a leash and enjoys daily walks to the mailbox, often coaxing others to join her.


Born 1-1-05

Shelter 6-5-10

Adopted 8-21-10

Recon was brought here from Arizona with three buddies, after his owner felt she could not give them the attention they deserved. So far he's made great friends with Crash in Elliot's absence. He has developed mast cell tumors and has a large mass in his belly, but that doesn't stop him from curling up in a cozy place with his back feet over his ears :) He's also easily riled up which makes it easier to get everyone in a playful mood.


Born 10-15-05

Shelter 6-5-10

Adopted 8-21-10

Died 11-28-2012 of old age

Bandit came with Recon as a bonded buddy and was just as sweet. At about 650 grams she was the smallest, and her tiny face was adorable! She loved plastic bags and perching on shoulders, although jumping from high places was always a problem. She developed adrenal disease soon after being adopted and was doing well on Lupron until suddenly she fell ill and the vet determined it was her time.

Petey sleeping in the bottom of the recycle bin

Petey and Cleo in a toilet-paper bag

Cleo peeking out of the air conditioner tube from their first apartment

Cleo and Elliot waiting for the bus home from the vet

Elliot and Crash in the bathtub at their second apartment

Elliot, Crash, and Fairy snoozing in the dig box

"Huh? What?"

Elliot, Crash, and Fairy hoping we'll let them over the wall in the doorway

Crash and Fairy playing in the dig box

^. .^