I do not like cars. My belief is that fossils should be displayed in museums, not burned in vehicles. I find cars wasteful, dangerous, and scary!

I avoid riding in cars whenever possible and do not have a drivers' license. So how do I get around the city? I bike or walk to local destinations and leave long-distance driving to professionals like public transportation drivers.

My electric bicycle gets me everywhere I need to be during the week. It's a pedal-assist type bike, with a small motor built into the body that turns on when high pressure is applied to the pedals. At idle, the motor turns off, making the ride as silent as a manual bicycle. When engaged, the motor is so quiet that most people barely notice it. What usually generates puzzled looks and inquiries is the odd style of the body - a step-through frame with a molded, bulging center where the motor lies. The bike can get me up to 20 miles on a single charge, and can carry me almost effortlessly up the biggest hills.

For comparison, I tell people of a past job 4 miles away from home. Although it took me 45 minutes to get to work each morning, I climbed 400 feet, the last 200 in less than half a mile. That means it took me 10 minutes to climb 100 feet over 1 mile.

I worked at that job for six months. When I finally quit my job, it wasn't because the trip was hard. It was getting up at 5:30 in the morning that bothered me.

Now that I've left that challenge behind, the bike gets used for closer commutes. With a split-shift, I travel about 4 miles a day, 1 mile each time. During commute competitions at work, I'm never the rider with the most mileage. However, I consider that an accomplishment, not a failure! How many people can WALK to work in a half hour?