How to fit a

portable dishwasher

to a sink with a

hose tap


I got a portable dishwasher for my kitchen, and the kitchen sink is equipped with a hose sprayer. Since I rent, I had to find a way to attach the hose from the dishwasher to the existing plumbing.

This is the spray head I'm dealing with.


With a normal sink, threads on the end of the tap are used to hold on the dishwasher adaptor. You can leave the metal adapter in place and clip on the dishwasher hose when you want to wash dishes. That doesn't work with a spray head. The mechanisms inside lead to it leaking around the seals.

So, I think, why not just take off the head, since it unscrews from the hose, and screw the adaptor directly to the hose when I want to wash dishes? Ha ha. Apparently they're two very different sizes, threads, etc. It simply doesn't work.

The metal parts unscrew from the plastic parts.


So then I trudge down to the hardware store to consult a plumbing expert. Surely there's a simple adapter that goes from the hose-threads to the dishwasher-adaptor-threads, right? Wrong. Apparently nobody's ever tried to attach the two before.

At my fourth hardware store, I finally get some help. One plumbing expert at Lowe's, after shaking his head at me and mumbling under his breath, agreed to help me construct a multi-part adapter. We attached two fittings to my existing dishwasher adaptor, each costing about $5. Want to see it? Of course you do.








Yep, this is what we came up with.

The copper-colored piece is a 3/4" x 1/2" male hose to MIP adapter.

The middle silver ring is a 55/64" 27 male thread x 3/4" female hose thread adaptor.

If you've ever dealt with a portable dishwasher, you recognize the silver adapter on the right.


Mine came like this.


I brought it home, plugged it in, and it all fits! The only problem is that I can't use a filter in this configuration, so it's best to only use it for washing dishes. Afterwards, I unscrew the three-part adapter from the hose and plug in my sprayer.


The final result!


With the dishwasher hose attached.





Why do I keep flipping back and forth between spelling "adaptor" and "adapter"?

They're both correct spellings. I didn't want anyone searching for this solution to miss it.


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