Kitchen and Bath Stuff: What Maxis forgot

Floors to match stock walls, and walls to match stock floors


If you're like me, you want walls and floors in your Sim's home to match. Though I love all the new goodies in this Stuff Pack, I think someone forgot to finish what they started. There's a lot of walls with no matching floors, and a few floors with no walls to go together! So my Sims and I got together and started finishing the job.

Here we have four stock floors, and walls I threw together. Download walls below:

One, two, three, four.

They are called "The One Forgotten" and you'll find them in your tile walls.

Disclaimer: By downloading the files, you understand that Maxis and EA Games hold all rights to the files and images within. I make no profit from sharing these files, and hope that by offering these, people will further appreciate the Sims 2 and look forward to new expansions from EA. If anyone holding rights to the content within finds this page objectionable, please contact me and I will remove it immediately.


Floors for walls to come!


How to make your own walls from floors:

Step one: Open HomeCrafter. Select a floor to clone. Click "Clone".

Step two: Find the image in your Working Directory of HomeCrafter.

Step three: Open the image in your image editor.

Step four: Squeeze the image down to 256 pixels wide by 170 tall. Save the file with a new name.

Step five: Go back to HomeCrafter. Exit the floor and choose a wall that will match. Click "Clone".

Step six: Do steps 2 and 3. Copy your floor image and paste to the bottom of your wall file. Save.

Step seven: Go back to HomeCrafter. Update the screen, then change the options to suit. Click "Import to Game"!


Use a nice textured wall with no lower panel, like a stucco.

For a creative touch, add a border with a colored line, or copy elements from the floor texture (see above where I used small tiles on top).

For full-wall decoration... just paste multiple times. You may have to play with it at the top where it gets cut off.

For lower wall decoration, use half of the original floor tile.


Have fun!