Double your selection of walls and floors without new textures!


Using HomeCrafter and an image-editing program, you can create dozens of beautiful new floors and walls for your design needs. You'll find it's surprisingly easy to do, and results in some surprising textures!

Step one: Open HomeCrafter. Select a wall or floor to clone. Click "Clone".

Step two: Find the bitmap image in your Working Directory of HomeCrafter.

Step three: Open the image in your image editor. Use its "negative" or "inverse" effect on the whole image.

Step four: Save your new texture as the old one.

Step five: Go back to HomeCrafter. Update the screen, then change the options to suit the new texture. Click "Import to Game"!

It's really that simple! Take a look at my example below:

Here is the texture for "Burnished Browns" tile.

Here is the inverse, a gorgeous ice blue!